Visit the Earth Park

If you enjoy miles of fine sandy beaches with crystal clear water, coconut palms and sun, then you've come to the right place.

Tropical Vegan Eco Beach Holidays

The Earth Park is located in the heart of the tropics, directly in front of a wonderful sandy beach. There is virtually no tourism in the area. As a vacationer you can enjoy peace and freedom to explore everything yourself or just totally relax.

What Is Awaiting You?

You'll be living in the Long House, a traditional house made of wood and palm leaves. A double-storie room is yours (about 36 m2), in front of it you can enjoy the spacious terrace.

Each room has a 24 m² room with a 12 m² sleeping gallery at the second floor, connected by a family suitable staircase. Also a small bathroom with toilet. Of course, every room has electricity. Internet / Wi-Fi is also available, but there is no guarantee for it - the speeds vary greatly. We are happy to assist you in obtaining your own SIM card for mobile router / smartphone hotspots.

In the Earth Park there is an outdoor shower made of natural materials and of course running water. If you want, you can also book Essentials Package and use the outdoor kitchen. Also a washing machine is ready for you.

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Ecological Products Only

Please note that only biodegradable products are allowed in the Earth Park. This entails soaps, detergents, body and dental hygiene, etc. We wash our laundry with natural, degradable soap. Likewise, we also wash our dishes with natural products like e.g. sand or soap.

Cost Overview

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Room Rates
Room price per night
200 MYR
1 week+
Room price per night
June-October: 150 MYR
November-May: 170 MYR
1 month+ (30 nights)
Room price per month
June-October: 3600 MYR
November-May: 4200 MYR
Maximum 2 persons per room (babies are free).
For each additional guest we charge 25% of the room price.
Essentials Package (food, details)
Price per day per person
Adult (11-99): 20 MYR
Child (2-10): 15 MYR
Babies (0-1): Free

How is the pricing being built up? Information on pricing.

You want to visit the Earth Park?

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What else can we do for you?

Airport pickup
from Kota Kinabalu International Airport ("BKI"). Passengers are the sum of adults and children (excluding babies), including a large heavy baggage item (e.g. suit case) per passenger.

1 person 150 MYR
2 persons 160 MYR
3 persons 170 MYR
4 people 180 MYR
5 people 250 MYR
6 persons 280 MYR
7 or more upon request

Laundry service
If you do not feel like it or you don't want to familiarize yourself with the technology, we're happy to wash your clothes.
80 MYR per machine (about 4-5 kg) with full service.

You'll get back your clothes washed, sun-dried and folded.

You can also use our washing machine yourself. Of course, that is free of charge. Please take enough biodegradable soap with you, as these are difficult to get here.

Taxi ride
If you want to explore the island of Borneo comfortably or you want to move freely, we can organize a taxi for you.
The fare can be arranged directly with the driver. If you already know an approximate destination, we can assist you with asking for a price in advance. Taxis are quite affordable, but the distances are usually very long.

You have the choice between different vehicles. From small cars to mini-van or even a 4WD off-roader.

Explore Borneo
If the beach and the sea should eventually become too monotonous, we will gladly help you with practical ideas. You can choose from typical tourist stuff to an adventurous individual jungle tour.

Experience a river cruise with free-roaming monkeys, snorkelling on the "Survivor Island" with colorful fish, climbing the highest mountain in Southeast Asia (ice included!) Discover mysterious caves or see the unbelievably human apes (orangutans), or search for nature's largest flower in the jungle close to nature. And of course more.

Rent a car
You can rent one of our cars so you can mobilize yourself. Prerequisite for this is an international driver's license and experience with left-hand traffic.
1 MYR per kilometer driven (all inclusive, including fuel costs).

If you want to rent a car, please let us know in good time. We have prepared a leaflet that will educate you about risks and terms and conditions. In general, self-inflicted damage (mandatory engine and tire damage) has to compensated. Accidents must be reported immediately and the resulting personal injury and / or property damage must be settled. If you need to refuel, please take the bill with you, so we are able to refund your expenses. There is no availability guarantee and we reserve the right to refuse a rental request.

Survival training in the jungle
Borneo is known and loved for its untouched nature. Do you want to know what it's like to be on your own in the jungle? We work with experienced local guides to show you how to find food in the rainforest, make a fire, or build a quick shelter.

Depending on your mood, you can travel with a group from a few days up to two weeks before finding your way back to civilization.

Proboscis monkeys
If you're not into extreme stuff and prefer to watch animals from a safe boat, we can recommend a river cruise on the Klias River. The domestic proboscis monkeys are truly unique.

Important information

At the Earth Park, only vegan food is allowed. Click here to read all the Earth Park rules.

You can read here on what the Essentials Package entails.

You can transfer to the corresponding bank account in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) or Euro (EUR). If you transfer in EUR to our European account, 1.5% conversion fee will be added to the final amount. This is by far cheaper than directing your bank to make a foreign currency transfer.

Your reservation is only binding with your full payment in advance. Your payment should be in our account within one week, otherwise your reservation will be deleted and other people will have the opportunity to get your seat. As we receive many requests and others have to change their plans once your reservation is being approved, we can no longer refund the amount, regardless of any reasons you may have to cancel your booking. Your reserved room would otherwise be empty and we would have no way to give someone else in a short timeframe. We grant a seven-day cancellation period after your transfer, the cancellation fee is 10% of the transfer amount.

We reserve the right to change prices at any given time. They are constantly being adapted to the actual cost profile of the Earth Park. After a binding booking your price is of course not subject to any changes whatsoever. Read more about pricing here.

We are a free family, we live and work when and where we feel like. We are still discovering the world and love to travel. So it may be that we are not always present in the Earth Park.

You can read more conditions here.