Do not hurt. We assume that you behave towards others as you want to be treated yourself. Everything that hurts others (in whatever form), disturbs or restricts their freedom, is to be omitted. Should there be serious problems that can not be solved alone, the community decides what to do.
In extreme cases, we also exclude people from the Park.

Vegan & healthy. We want to build a purely vegan society. Not to exclude others, but to protect our children and ourselves – and to consistently implement the principle of "do not hurt". If you are living vegan yourself, you understand that best. All others, please do not be angry, but only if you want to live vegan from within, you're welcome to the Earth Park. We also try to live as healthy as possible and avoid sugar and processed foods (ready-to-eat foods), artificial preservatives and flavor enhancers. As experience shows, children generally move around freely and also like to "snack" where it is important that everyone consistently respects that.

Children. It goes without saying that children are full-fledged people and treated at the same level and with the same respect as adults. All children should be supported and integrated as best as possible by the older ones.

Legal. To protect the reputation of the Earth Park (and ourselves), only people staying legally in the country can be living in the Earth Park. If you "overstay" your visa, we have to ask you to leave.
The visa is free. It is usually very easy to renew this once a year by land or by ferry across Labuan with border crossing to Brunei. Of course, we can not guarantee that this will work, the immigration staff on duty has to decide.

Drugs. Consciousness and behavior-altering substances of whatever kind (including alcohol and nicotine) are strictly prohibited in the Earth Park. On drug possession (hard drugs) there are long and hard prison sentences in Malaysia, for drug sales even the death penalty is possible.

Nudity. Bathing naked is prohibited in Malaysia. Although we do not necessarily share this attitude, we are still forced to stick to it. We must also ask all guests to adhere strictly to this prohibition if publicly visible. This applies to adults and children, with the exception of babies and children up to 6 years of age. Every now and then boats pass by the sea, which theoretically could report violations, which would actually cause us problems.
It is sufficient to cover genitals (for women also breasts). A bikini (resp. trunks for men) is sufficient.

The rules of the Earth Park are not to be understood as a dogma. In a community (except for legal prohibitions) everything can be discussed and improved.

For your information, please note our Frequently Asked Questions.