Frequently Asked Questions



There are a few simple rules in the Earth Park.

Do not hurt. We assume that you behave towards others as you want to be treated yourself. Everything that hurts others (in whatever form), disturbs or restricts their freedom, is to be omitted. Should there be serious problems that can not be solved alone, the community decides what to do.
In extreme cases, we also exclude people from the Park.

Vegan & healthy. We want to build a purely vegan society. Not to exclude others, but to protect our children and ourselves – and to consistently implement the principle of "do not hurt". If you are living vegan yourself, you understand that best. All others, please do not be angry, but only if you want to live vegan from within, you're welcome to the Earth Park. We also try to live as healthy as possible and avoid sugar and processed foods (ready-to-eat foods), artificial preservatives and flavor enhancers. As experience shows, children generally move around freely and also like to "snack" where it is important that everyone consistently respects that.

Children. It goes without saying that children are full-fledged people and treated at the same level and with the same respect as adults. All children should be supported and integrated as best as possible by the older ones.

Legal. To protect the reputation of the Earth Park (and ourselves), only people staying legally in the country can be living in the Earth Park. If you "overstay" your visa, we have to ask you to leave.
The visa is free. It is usually very easy to renew this once a year by land or by ferry across Labuan with border crossing to Brunei. Of course, we can not guarantee that this will work, the immigration staff on duty has to decide.

Drugs. Consciousness and behavior-altering substances of whatever kind (including alcohol and nicotine) are strictly prohibited in the Earth Park. On drug possession (hard drugs) there are long and hard prison sentences in Malaysia, for drug sales even the death penalty is possible.

Nudity. Bathing naked is prohibited in Malaysia. Although we do not necessarily share this attitude, we are still forced to stick to it. We must also ask all guests to adhere strictly to this prohibition if publicly visible. This applies to adults and children, with the exception of babies and children up to 6 years of age. Every now and then boats pass by the sea, which theoretically could report violations, which would actually cause us problems.
It is sufficient to cover genitals (for women also breasts). A bikini (resp. trunks for men) is sufficient.

The rules of the Earth Park are not to be understood as a dogma. In a community (except for legal prohibitions) everything can be discussed and improved.

Information on pricing

Some people are critical about our prices, and we fully understand them. Cheap holidays for last-minute price from the travel discounter is not with us. You have to know a lot about that.

  1. We built the Earth Park completely out of our own pocket . We do not want to be dependent on banks or investors who would bring along their odd ideas of a standard tourist resort with steel and concrete buildings. The Earth Park was created over many years, in our minds, according to our ideas, and we consistently and lovingly implement our ecological and considerate direction, hand in hand with the local population.
  2. Eco-tourism is not mass tourism. Finally, it is also important for us to be in the black at some point. We are still several years away from closing the year with a positive balance, and at the moment we are trying to slowly reduce the huge losses from our investments. Since we do not have hundreds of rooms, which we can rent out and attract mass tourists, it is a little slower, but more gentle.
  3. We operate the Earth Park out of conviction as a non-profit company. We do not want to make any profits with the Earth Park in order to financially enrich ourselves or others. All profits are earmarked for renovations and future investments such as the establishment of a seminar center for alternative living models.
  4. We have calculated our prices for a long time and conscientiously and always adapt them to reality. We keep an accurate record of all expenditures, making sure that the profit margin per capita remains below 100% of our spend. This will allow you to be sure that you will receive fair and real prizes, and we can continue to operate and expand the Earth Park project in the future.
  5. We still have huge expenses. Electricity, water, rent for the land, travel expenses, maintenance and repair, payment of local workers, repairs, food and consumables, the list is endless.
  6. We also make sure that you have a nice time. High quality and organic food and products are very important to us, and they are sometimes difficult to obtain or particularly expensive.
  7. Compared to "normal" tourist resorts that are similarly equipped and located, our prices seem low. We were already able to gain a lot of experience on the basis of our trips around the world and have already experienced really bad things. Moldy bungalows, which still cost a thousand euros a month, germinated, greenish pools, dirty and greasy beaches. We know what is important. Ask yourself honestly: How big would you choose your budget for a month club vacation? And what or who do you support with it?
  8. In "normal" tourist resorts, you are often just a number. Your stay at Earth Park is connected with living in a community whose effects can often be very healing and provide precious experiences about life and yourself.
  9. Of course you can also make a cheaper holiday. But also more beautiful? With the Earth Park you support a good project and contribute to making our world a little bit more sustainable and reflective.

We do not force anyone to come to us, but give you an opportunity to experience something completely new and wonderful. And we are grateful for every criticism and every thought, because that also gives us the opportunity to keep re-thinking about our project again and again.

Vegan and drug free

Our idea is not to lie to yourself. To be pure with you and your surroundings.

You probably come from an environment loaded with stress, obligations, compromises and concerns.
To ground yourself and to find yourself, the first step is not to poison your body and avoid clouding your consciousness.

Many people ask us for compromise: Vegetarian instead of vegan or just a few cigarettes as one tiny exception. If you really want that, you're better off in a tourist resort or a club vacation.

What you do outside of the Earth Park is of course left to your business, within, we implement the principles consistently.

Rooms & Facilities

If you come to stay at the Earth Park, we will provide you with some of the essentials for your stay.
So that you can pack your bags as efficiently as possible and take no unnecessary items, we have put together a list, what we will prepare for you.

  • Towels
  • Environmentally friendly soap
  • Mattresses
  • Sheets
  • Covers
  • Pillows
  • Mosquito nets
  • Furniture
  • Power connection (do not forget the travel adapter - English plug, type G)
  • WC with hand-bidet
  • Wi-Fi as good as it gets, sometimes not quite 😉

When booking your room please note that you have to check in on the arrival day in the afternoon and leave on the departure day in the morning, otherwise we would not be able to clean the room for the next guests.


We can not guarantee you that nothing will happen to you, we just tell about our experiences. In the end, you have to decide for yourself if you feel safer in your home country than in Borneo. We don't.
And let's be honest: If you want to experience an adventure, you must also move out of your comfort zone.

We can not and do not want to take responsibility for others, but like to inform you about our experiences and approaches to various risks or dangers.

Crime. We have been traveling mostly in Asia for several years and have not had any bad experiences so far. Due to relatively strict laws and punishments in Malaysia, it is not inviting to become a criminal.

Abductions. What you can read on the pages of the Foreign Office is, in our opinion, to be regarded with a certain distance. There are, in fact, many cases of abductions by Filipino pirates in the tourist regions northeast of Sabah. However, we are in the east of Sabah, in one of the quietest areas on the island. This area is for absolutely boring for pirates, and too far away.

Poisonous animals. Are there, of course, on land and in the sea. The most dangerous land animal is probably the black cobra, whose bite can be deadly. Fortunately, these snakes are extremely shy and sensitive to vibrations. The likelihood that you will even see a cobra is extremely low. And even if you happen to meet one, the snake will be gone, faster than you. You should be careful in the pristine bushes so as not to accidentally step on an animal.
In the water, we have not met any really poisonous animals yet. As the sand is very fine and the tides recirculate over and over again, no inviting habitats for larger marine life can arise on our beach. We have spotted jellyfish and also some dead puffers on the beach. Yet it is the open sea, all possibilities are always there and we encourage everyone to take care of themselves and their families.

Pets. We have two cats and one can say a dog, which is actually from the neighbor, but mostly stays with us. Like all animals, they can transmit bacteria, germs, fungi and other diseases. The responsibility of how you handle it is up to you.

Insects. Sand fleas, sand flies (especially on the beach) and other small creepy-crawlies can live here. Stings, bites and other touches with various insects can cause inflammation and diseases. Please read here about mosquitoes.

Tsunamis. There is no history of tsunamis in the South China Sea. The local geological research stations have calculated a worst-case scenario, according to which a wave of 1.5 m in height could be arriving at our beach. Since the difference in altitude from the sea to the mainland is 2 m on average, this scenario poses no danger according to their scientific model. Sometimes there are normal waves, which are much higher and cause us no problems.

Hurricanes. Sabah describes itself as "Land Below the Wind". Due to meteorological effects, hurricanes keep bouncing off the mainland. We have already experienced a very strong cyclone (or its distant winds). It was the first time a storm had come so close, but the damage caused was minimal. The leaves of our roof were raised slightly, allowing some rain to penetrate. However, that was resolved the next day and has left no permanent damage.

Miscellaneous. We checked our land from all possible points of view. There is no radioactive radiation. There is no particulate matter pollution, the air in Sabah (and especially on our beach) is one of the purest in the world. If you believe in ghosts, the locals have many stories to tell, but assert that there are no evil spirits or bad energies on our beach. Even more: The sea radiates an incredibly positive energy.


In the tropics there are mosquitoes. As we use no poisons and live with and in nature, the little bloodsuckers want to drink our blood.

Diseases. There are certain mosquito species that can transmit infectious diseases such as dengue fever or malaria, which we do not want to sugarcoat. We are frequently asked if vaccinations are needed. If you are unsure, please ask in your home country.
We (the Roadfamily) are not vaccinated and use no prophylaxis because of the devastating side effects. Especially for children, we would never recommend them, as they do not provide adequate protection and significantly worsen their health.
In emergency cases, we use CDL, a substance that is not approved as a drug, but achieve very good results with virtually no any side effects. For legal reasons, we can not recommend this and must warn against the possible health risks.

Times. Mosquitoes are frequent especially in the morning and in the evening. In shady areas and in the jungle you can sometimes see them during the day, but only very few of them. The typical "rush hours" are from 6 am to 7 am and from 6 am to 7 pm. Times can also shift slightly depending on the weather.

Protection. We put on long clothes, set up fans in calm weather and light incense sticks, make a campfire or rub in with eucalyptus oil. At night we use mosquito nets to sleep undisturbed.

Are mosquitoes really that bad? Matter of view, we would say no. Sometimes there are none at all, especially when the wind blows from the sea, the little suckers can not land properly and are constantly blown away. On some days (especially after heavy rain) it is bad indeed. But that also depends on your attitude. We got used to it, they do not bother us much anymore.

Roam Around in Borneo

The Earth Park is far away from any serious civilization, surrounded by beach, palm trees and nature. Nevertheless, public transport is relatively well developed. There are buses in each direction on the next main road several times a day. We help you to land on the right bus. The road to the bus stop is unfortunately very long (about one hour walk).

In order to be mobile on your own, we are happy to organize a taxi for you. Prices can be negotiated directly with the driver, or we negotiate for you by phone.

Getting there / Airport

You can find the Earth Park Asia here:

Earth Park Asia Sdn. Bhd.
Kampung Batu Linting
89740 Kuala Penyu

Open in Google Maps

Grab a flight to Kota Kinabalu or Labuan. It is easier with Kota Kinabalu, but the drive to the Earth Park is quite long (approx. 2.5 hours). Although Labuan is closer to the Earth Park, if you're flying to Labuan, you'll still need to travel to Sabah by sea ferry or speedboat, which will take longer and may involve an extra stay. will help you find the cheapest travel dates and the best flights.

In order to save money on the flights, we can also recommend not to fly directly to Kota Kinabalu, but to Kuala Lumpur and continue with Air Asia to Kota Kinabalu.

Flying climate-consciously

Airplanes harm our environment, that's no big surprise. All the more ironic is the idea of ​​traveling to an ecovillage and blown up tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere along the way. If you care about ecological locomotion, you can compensate for your self-inflicted damage to our nature as best we can.

With "atmosfair" you can calculate and compensate the CO₂ emissions caused. Yes, that's a bit of schizophrenia, but a great way to travel ecologically yet still travel long distances at great speed. The charitable company was test winner 3/2018 at Stiftung Warentest (rating "very good" in all categories). It provides 90% of the compensation and invests in meaningful climate protection projects, with low corporate overhead costs and transparent structures.

CO₂ compensation of your air miles

Regarding the possibility of compensation, this is of course always an estimate. Even science disagrees in large parts about how harmful aircraft really are. With this knowledge, you can now decide for yourself how big your contribution to environmental projects should be. Of course you can voluntarily pay more to cover this gray area safely.

Next city

The distance to the nearest small town (Kuala Penyu) is more than 20 minutes by car. It has a modern hospital and several shops to buy food, tools and other things. The nearest medium-sized town (Beaufort) is approx. 50 minutes away, the nearest big city (Kota Kinabalu, capital) approx. 150 minutes.

Supply (electricity / internet / drinking water / sewage / cooking)

Although the Earth Park should be as close to nature as possible, we don't want to do without modern technology.

Electricity. We will initially use the local power supply and will build a photovoltaic system and wind turbines later to switch to 100% on clean "green" electricity.
Please note that in Malaysia there are only Type-G plugs/0}. So remember to bring your travel adapter. Please note that it can (as everywhere in Asia) come to blackouts. Power supply is generally quite stable, but failures are possible. Unfortunately we have no influence on this.

Internet. Has been experimentally available since 2018 using a 3G router and external high-performance directional antennas. The speeds are not enormous, but it works. Sometimes it doesn't. We work on a fair-use basis and ask all guests to keep data consumption as low as possible. If you would like to have internet on the way, we recommend two mobile internet providers: Digi and Celcom. Digi has cheap packages and fast internet when there is good connection. Celcom is more expensive regarding data packages, but connection quality is more consistent. SIM cards can be bought directly at the airport. It would also be good to buy some top-up credit right away, because only then you can book data packages and faster Internet becomes available.

Water. Unfortunately you cannot drink tap water in Malaysia. We clean the water using a water filter, which even removes chemical components such as chlorine in addition to the usual soiling and bacteria. You don't need to buy bottled water, instead you are free to use our water filter to refill your drinking vessels anytime. Please note that water supply failures may occur. Unfortunately, we have no influence on this and try to store as much water as possible using huge tanks (altogether more than 7000 liters).

Sewage. Is generally problematic in Asia. There are no sewage treatment plants, so we have to take care of it ourselves. That's why we use limes, natural soap or sand in the kitchen for washing dishes so the wastewater can just seep in. We have toilets with hand-bidets, it is strictly forbidden to dispose any toilet paper or other hygiene products in them. The waste water of the toilets is bacterially cleaned in a septic tank and handed over to nature.

Cooking. We cook with gas stoves. These also work in case of power failures (which sometimes happen here) and we can confirm that cooking with gas is, in addition to its efficiency, a pleasure.

Information on your room's equipment can be found here.


We plan to build a large permaculture garden at the Earth Park, which will provide us with the essentials in the long term.
We will continue to buy rice and other foods that are difficult to grow or need special soil from local farmers.

Essentials (Food)

As the next larger city is about 25 minutes drive away and the Earth Park offers a communal kitchen, we provide the complete essentials package for you.

If you are vacationing in the Earth Park, you can book the basic service.
If you live permanently in the Earth Park or come as an assistant, you do not have to pay extra for it - the basic supply is then included in your monthly costs.

What is included?

To get a feel for what food awaits you, we have created a list (which is constantly in progress).

In general, we are very careful to buy high-quality foods without industrial sugar, MSG (glutamate) and artificial preservatives and dyes. As far as possible, we naturally prefer organic quality (organic), which is generally difficult in Asia and can not be guaranteed. If you are unsure or a particular diet is very important, ask us on the spot to the individual products.

We provide the "raw materials". You can cook something with it or eat raw fruits and vegetables. Often we cook together, but there is no guarantee for that.

  • Drinking water
  • Rice
  • Noodles
  • Beans
  • Potatoes
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Flour
  • Oil (Rice Bran)
  • Salt (natural, Himalaya)
  • Spices
  • Soy sauce
  • Vinegar
  • Chili sauce
  • Tofu
  • Tempeh
  • Coconuts
  • Papaya
  • Bananas
  • Ginger
  • Lime
  • Cocoa
  • Turmeric
  • Cucumbers
  • Pumpkin
  • Watermelon
  • Pineapples

Generally there are vegetables and fruits always depending on the season. Examples: Jackfruit, carrots, pomelo, salak, guava, peanuts, rose apple, star fruit, corn, passion fruit, water spinach, tomatoes, salads, pak choi, and much more.

Later, there is also everything that our own garden gives. 😉

Expensive superfoods and fruits (cashew, almonds, durian, mango, etc.) have to be paid for themselves. If there is room in the car, you are welcome to go shopping.

An important request: We pay attention to sensible use of the food and ask all guests not to waste it. Please use only what you need and not tons, out of consideration for the community.

We use a labeling system (orange stickers) for food that is very expensive, difficult to obtain or imported. These we ask you to be particularly careful and to use only as much as necessary.

To avoid misunderstandings, it is best to clearly label private food and drinks that you do not want to share with others.


All funds subject to the Earth Park comes from our own pockets. At first we considered a common financing model, but we strayed from it because it excludes many people who have little money – and favours others who have a lot. It is important to us that the Earth Park is 100% owned by us. We want to build a vibrant community in which everyone is equal and there is no need to quarrel over money. This creates clear conditions and we can concentrate on the community aspects, not money.


Upon arrival in Malaysia, as a citizen of a developed country, you will receive a free 3-month visa (90 days including your departure day) in the form of a stamp in your passport.
It is usually very easy to renew it once per calendar year by land or by ferry across Labuan with border crossing to Brunei before the expiration of the three months. Of course, we can not guarantee that this will work, the immigration staff on duty has to decide.
An extension by departure ("visa-run") should be made no later than one week (7 days) before the expiry of the first visa, as otherwise the immigration staff will shorten the length of stay (10 days) or will entirely refuse entry.
Also, a free visa extension is possible inside the country, however this way you will only be granted one more month (30 days). If you choose this solution, no additional renewal will be granted to you after that in the specific calendar year.
Attention: We only report on our practical experience. For accurate and qualified information about legal requirements, please contact the Malaysian Embassy in your home country.


If you come to visit us, the following conditions apply, which we expressly refer to before binding booking.

  1. All guests, visitors and helpers agree to follow the Earth Park rules. In extreme cases (for example, repeated infringement of third party rights or integrity despite multiple reminders), we reserve the right to exclude people from Earth Park without a refund.
  2. A booking is only binding after full payment in advance.
  3. If, after a binding booking, the booking is canceled – irrespective of any urgent reasons – there is no right to a refund.
  4. If a binding booking is unilaterally canceled by the organizer and the stay has not yet started, there is a right to a full refund. However, this obligation extends only to previously granted and prepaid benefits and not beyond.
  5. Transfer and other payment fees are fully borne by the respective client.
  6. All information on this website is provided without guarantee and subject to mistakes or changes.
  7. No liability is assumed (integrity, valuables). Everyone is responsible for themselves and their children according to common sense and takes care of their fellow human beings.

If you have more questions, just ask us.