Our Vision

Together instead of against each other

Living together. In the tropics, in Asia, where it is warm. On the beach, by the sea. We want to self-sustainably take care of ourselves as much as possible. Everyone brings in what he / she can. If we work together, it is possible!

About Us

We are The Roadfamily, a digital nomad family with 3 children. We avoid consumer society and strive for the simple, solidarity and believe in honest people. We live and let live and let our children and ourselves learn freely. Vegan nutrition is important to us, and mutual respect. We want to live as sustainably as possible and dream of a tribe, a community that we as humans simply need!

How We Live

We believe in the simple. From local raw materials wonderful huts can be built relatively quickly. Of course there is no winter, so wood, bamboo and palm leaves are perfect, ecological and fast growing materials.

We have leased land in the district of Kuala Penyu. It is located in an almost untouched part of Sabah, Malaysia on the wonderful island of Borneo. We are totally committed to implementing our vision! The Longhouse with its five residential units is already finished, currently it is being further developed inside and made more comfortable. The outdoor kitchen is expected to be ready in March 2018.

That's How It Looks

Pictures say more than a thousand words.

Visit Our Community

If you would like to visit the Earth Park, please inform yourself in advance on our pages. Then you can contact us or make a booking request right away.